A Kiss From Darla

by Philip Peters

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"A Kiss From Darla" is a startling and vivid vision of the intensity of what it's like to be in a relationship that maybe we shouldn't be in, but are having a hard time getting away from. Stylistically sounding like a classic rock album from the early to mid 1970's ala Rolling Stones or T-Rex, but with a kind of continuity of style and writing, just not common from that time. Philip Peters' 3rd solo album in recent years, once again shows him to be an extremely gifted song writer and musician, of rare caliber. But be warned, "A Kiss From Darla" is an intense ride to the dark side of love and loneliness. So be brave when you listen to this.

-Brad Gates, musician/vocalist


released February 23, 2013

All music written & performed by
Philip Peters 2013

Cover photo by Joanne Patrick
Mastered by Rick Cuevas

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Philip Peters San Francisco, California

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Track Name: One little Lie
did i ever tell you , the sorry tale of my life
did i ever mention i once had a wife
this sorry state i'm in was not how i was born
so may i tell you now how i became forlorn
instead of being truthful i would weave a tale
and in the end my better angels had to fail

one little lie yeah one little lie yeah

in me good lacks conviction while bad makes out ok
that evil wine that took my innocence away
was deep around the night my honesty would fail
instead of being truthful i would tell a tale

and really in the scheme of things
i'm not as bad as i would seem
and you ain't no angel - i don't see no wings on you

so before you cast another stone
try leaving leave well enough alone

take a look at your self
and criticize me then
i didn't really do nothing to you
and i wont do it again
Track Name: Slip Away
I'm - waiting outside, come on and slip away
oh - the cat is gone, the mice are gonna play

I've been thinking up alibis
and thinking up reasons to justify
I'm not leaving without you

night after night you tell me
we're gonna slip away
but night after night I'm waiting
guess I'll be waiting for one more day

why don't you make your mind up now

who's gonna be betrayed tonight
who's gonna have the time of his life
who's gonna check his back for a knife
who's gonna be betrayed tonight
Track Name: Calamity Jane Eyre
t wasn't long before i first became aware- that there was something on with me and you
and looking back i'm sure i had no idea- of all the things you were going through

porcelain doll like on the outside but she's flawed by her design
if you break me then you buy me as you warned me every time

but always softly- and like a song

a veil of silence drops down around we two- as we sneak around the lowly part of town
and once again i see how i'm not getting through and theres nothing i can do to turn it round

so when the thunder clouds around us find their mark on you once more
i just gather up the pieces as you remember what i'm for

ah la la lie - i hear you sigh
like calamity jane eyre
Track Name: A Kiss From Darla
to get a kiss from Darla, there's nothing that I wouldn't do
I'd try every trick in the book, come up some new ones too
to get a kiss from Darla, theres nothing that I wouldn't say
just about anything , at least I'd try it anyway

i once had a kiss from Darla, it made me light in the head
all i could see was Darla, everything else was red
i lost control of myself, i hope you can cut me some slack
and thats what i'm gonna tell ya, as i pull that knife from your back

kisses or claws from Darla, it feels like a heart attack
all that you see is Darla, everything else looks black
you won't remember your friends , and they wont recognize you
like a fly in amber you're frozen, there's nothing that you can do

you're like a scoundrel for hire, sneaking around in the night
doing things you know that you shouldn't, trying to keep out of sight
and you don't trust anybody, not after what you have done
but getting a kiss from Darla, somehow made it all fun
Track Name: Oldest Flame
the other day when i was downtown, i think i got a glimpse of you
you look just the same, my oldest flame

i must admit it took me by surprise and i didn't know what to do
i didn't call your name, my oldest flame

we didn't part on very good terms and i'm not sure what you think of me
some things never change, my oldest flame

and you weren't always that good to me and later i found out the truth
but no-ones to blame, my oldest flame

i heard some rumors about bad things going down
and knowing you that wasn't hard to see
but you still look great even after all these years
i wish that i could say the same for me

oh- and you know some things don't ever change
oh- your always gonna be my oldest flame
Track Name: Dirty Sweetheart
I've heard of the girls that that don't make you , stop and ask them twice
but the ones i know will just tell you, that they don't think thats nice
so i want somebody who's gonna, show me how to be bad
and finally give me that something, that i have never had

she don't have to stay around for to long
theres gonna be plenty of time to make up for what i'll do wrong
and life's a little lye

so a dirty sweetheart's what i have in mind
a dirty sweetheart's what i need to find
she don't even have to be the verities kind
a dirty sweethearts what's what i have in mind

not looking for royal treatment, i'm gonna be a back door man
i'm not trying to be no romeo, theres not need for what I got planned
cos i have got a weakness inside me, i'v fought my whole life long
i only hope ,there's gonna be time, to make up for what i do wrong
Track Name: Better to stay this way
better to live in sorrow
then living your life in pain
better to keep our freedom, man it's better to stay this way

better to die from starving
then being the marrying kind
better to die from hanging, although i'll keep you in mind- i'll keep you in mind

cos when it all falls down you're gonna be sorry then
and you wont have no one on who you can depend
you only have your own damn self to get ya through
you can't blame no one unless you're blaming you
Track Name: Guess you're ready
i haven't seen you in quite some time
heard you were wanted on some petty crime
probably looking at doing some serious time
folks say you're crossing over some kinda line

my oh my how things have changed
and up to now you've always been the same

i guess you're ready to be mine now
i guess you're ready to be mine
i guess you're ready to be mine now
i guess you're ready to be my bride
give up your pride and spend some time with me

looks like you have to change your name at last
you got somebody to look for you from the past
you're gonna need a new address for sure
that last 2 or 3 that you had you can't use anymore

well well well how time do change
but girls like you don't give in or refrain

i guess you're ready to be mine now
i guess you're ready to be mine
i guess you're ready to be mine now
i guess you're ready to be my bride
give up your pride and spend some time with me

you were always such a little wild child
making fun of me saying i'm so meek and mild
but your gonna have to change that trend again
and be sweet 16 back in class again

my oh my how things do change
guys like me don't usually make out ok

i guess you're ready to be mine now
i guess you're ready to be mine
i guess you're ready to be mine now
i guess you're ready to be my bride
give up your pride and spend some time with me
Track Name: Doesn't that mean love
i open up my front door hear my back door slam
i been getting some help with you, from another man
but i turn the other cheek and, can you try to understand

doesn't that mean love to you, doesn't that mean anything?

and don't forget you told me once that i'd me your man
you did't say you'd try another out when you can
but i don't resort to violence, can you try to understand

doesn't that mean love to you, doesn't that mean anything?

to get along with you is just like walking on glass
it feels like your moving slow when your moving fast
but i don't give into pain, can you try to understand

doesn't that mean love to you, doesn't that mean anything?

when we took our vows you said you'd weather the corse
but you were already making plans for your next divorce
guess i thought that i could change you, can you try to understand?

doesn't that mean love to you, doesn't that mean anything?
Track Name: Catch Hell
when you find yourself before the pearly gates
your struggle over now and you no longer wait

there's just one thing before I lose ya - to eternity
cause getting along down here with out ya - not gonna be easy
so can you try to get one word in - on behalf of me

when heaven opens up and deigns to let you through
ethereal choruses are calling just for you

the doorway to salvation opens, you can almost see
before you start to float on through, do a favor for me
just prior to eternal bliss, don't forget to ask about me

all those earthly circumstances , I wouldn't want them to see

oh- I'm the one who's gonna catch hell
oh- the one who's gonna catch hell
Track Name: Vehicle
you're gonna need a ride need a ride need a ride , to get around this town.
you just get inside get inside get inside, and don't make a sound.

so give me a call any - time any - where, you know where i can be found.
just get inside get inside get inside , and don't make a sound
i'll be a vehicle if you need one
i'll be a vehicle
Track Name: Hiding Away
hiding away by my self - i'm hiding away
i can't win this today so for now i'm hiding away

theres nothing that i can do
and just between me and you
i wish i could change things some how
but i'm gonna leave it for now

hiding way- just for now i'm hiding way
i can't be here right now- but i know i'll get there some how

i'm not gonna do this today
theres nothing more i can say
your not gonna sway or convince my friend
at least not right now